Renowned music producer, Appiah Dankwah, has admitted to selling some songs he produced for the music group 5Five years ago on digital streaming platforms.

Speaking in an interview on CTV, Appietus as he is popularly known, alleged that the group and their manager Bullgod did not pay for his services when they patronised him.

He explained that they sometimes resorted to a barter trade system, and he had hoped that as the group grew, they would pay for his services with money.

“Papi and his group and Bulldog, they have never paid for studio fee, every time it was batter because they said they didn’t have money…even when they are going to do a show, they take me with them,” Appietus said.

He added that “they used me, the time the song came out, they played many shows but did not pay me.”

He stated that he readily produced “all your biggest hits” hoping that when the money started streaming in they all would make profits. 

Appietus said that he was left with no choice but to make money off the songs through digital platforms when he realised the group and their manager, Bulldog, despite their popularity, were still not paying him.

“Later I realised I had been a fool. The song became a hit, but you didn’t give me money, so I needed to put them online and get my money, now you say I am a thief.”

This comes after artiste manager and CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment, Lawrence Nana Asiamah threatened to sue Appietus.

In a post on Facebook, Lawrence Asiamah, popularly known as Bullgod, accused the veteran producer of making money off 5Five.

According to him, for about a decade now, the producer allegedly, has solely been receiving funds from the group’s songs after selling them on digital streaming platforms without approval.

Meanwhile, Papi of 5Five denied claims by Appietus in an earlier interview that he was not paid for producing the group’s biggest hit ‘Muje Baya’.

Papi claimed that the producer benefited hugely from the song which they paid him for.

But, Appietus who insists he was not paid has also threatened to sue Papi for character defamation.