General Overseer of Teteatenpong Prayer and Herbal Centre, Apostle Addo-Agyekum, says virginity covenant is the most dangerous covenant affecting men from staying married to their partners.

Apostle Addo-Agyekum, speaking on Asempa FM’s YEASETENA MU, said lots of men may be having problems in their marriage because they broke a lady’s virginity and abandoned them to marry another.

“When this happens, it may lead one to engage in extra marital affairs because there is an establishment of covenant between a woman and a man during sexual activity, especially when one of them or both partners are virgins.


“It is the most dangerous covenant ever established during the activity of sex where both partners are found naked signifying they have nothing to hide,” he said. 

He said the blood flow during the first sexual intercourse establishes a strong covenant between the two people for the rest of their lives.

“People say a lot of things during sexual activity and those words must also be taken seriously because there is equally an establishment of covenant which backs words spoken during every sexual activity.

“A man may suffer a lot of consequences of promises they could not keep and are forced to continuously endure challenges they never expected in their marriages for fear of divorce stigma,” he cautioned.