A newly-wedded woman has called out her ex-lover and others who do not believe in virginity in a latest post on social media.

Identified as Ihechi Mary Ebe, the woman proved she lost her chastity on her wedding night, as she addresses ‘doubting Thomases’.

She also called out her ex-lover who tried forcing himself on her in confirmation of her claims of being pure.

“And for you who doubted my virginity and needed a confirmation first before you believe, na mumu dey worry you, a real man believed it without attempting to confirm it and he patiently waited for four years, now, he has got it in its fullness,” she said .

“You the rapist lover who attempted to take it by force, God should punish you and you never succeeded, a real man waited for four years, now he has got it and made it his customised size,” she added.

She revealed though it was painful, she gave in because her husband deserved it.

She said she feels fulfilled, having stuck to her ‘no sex until marriage’ principle.

Accompanying the post was proof of her virginity; a blood stained bedsheet and tiles.