There was confusion at the City Engineers Polling Station in the Odododiodoo constituency of the Greater Accra Region over arrangements for the voting exercise.

Reports from the constituency suggested that the Electoral Commission (EC) officials directed for voters to form new queues at the polling centre to avoid congestion.

But security officers had a difficult time controlling the crowd and appeared overpowered by the impatient voters who claimed to have been in the queue since the early hours of Monday, December 7, 2020.

According to them, they came to the centre very early in order to vote on time and go back to undertake other duties.

Just when calm was restored for the process to continue smoothly some voters in the spur of the moment engaged in fistfights.


A police reinforcement team from the James Town Divisional Police Command had to be called to restore law and order at the Centre.

The constituency, ahead of the election, was identified as one of the flashpoints by the Ghana Police Service.

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