Popular Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki, has recounted how his father, Amana was assaulted under the erstwhile late former President Jerry John Rawlings’ regime.

According to him, his father, who was both a teacher and owned a fleet of 12 vehicles, used to overload his cars, taking advantage of his good rapport with a local Police officer.

However, when Rawlings assumed office, he enforced stringent regulations against  overloading.

Despite warnings, Amana persisted in overloading his car, which had a capacity for 33 passengers but often carried up to 70.

Consequently, he was arrested by the authorities.

At the Police station, Oboy Siki said his father was given 12 lashes for the initial violation, plus an additional lash for each extra passenger, totaling 24 lashes.

He said Amana was around 60-years-old at the time, and his popularity in the community made the incident particularly noteworthy.

“My father, Amana, was both a teacher and a driver with 12 cars. He informed the friendly police officers about his vehicle’s tendency to overload, which they initially ignored. However, Jerry Rawlings implemented a strict rule against overloading vehicles.

“My dad’s car, which had a capacity for 33 passengers, would sometimes carry 70. His continuous overloading eventually resulted in his arrest. At the police station, the commander decided that the punishment for his violation was 12 lashes, plus an additional lash for each extra passenger. As a result, he received 24 lashes. He was around 60 years old at the time. His popularity in the area made the incident quite surprising,” he shared in a video posted by Express GH TV on their YouTube channel.

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