Flagbearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Francis Addai-Nimoh has dismissed surveys that put him last in the contest.

Addai-Nimoh expressed his confidence in his campaign, stating that he is receiving positive feedback from his supporters hence the predictions do not reflect the true dynamics of the contest.

While acknowledging that the race is competitive, he is not deterred by the survey results and is committed to making his case to the delegates.

According to him, the surveys lack credibility because they are theoretical.

Mr. Addai-Nomoh made reference to the previous predictions that projected he will be kicked out at the super delegates elections to buttress his point.

“Even in the super delegates elections, it was predicted that Addai-Nimoh will be out so how do they explain me being here now,” he quizzed.

As delegates cast their ballot, Mr. Addai-Nimoh is positive his victory is in full force.