A last video taken of Mr Ibu shortly before his death has popped up on social media fueling anguish among his fans.

Known privately as Charles Okafor, the actor spent his last days in a hospital bed, struggling with blood clot in his amputated leg.

As though he was ready to accept his fate, Mr Ibu shared profound message on life’s journey and the inevitability of death.

“I don’t know where to start, but everything happens exactly in God’s own time. When the time comes, it has come,” Mr. Ibu told musician Rudeboy of PSquare fame.

Rudeboy, a fellow entertainer and close friend of Mr Ibu, had been a constant source of support during his hospitalization.

While Mr. Ibu’s family was grappling with financial struggles and embezzlement, Rudeboy quietly took care of all medical bills without seeking recognition on social media.

In view of this, Mr. Ibu’s final words were messages of blessings and good wishes to Rudeboy, acknowledging his selflessness and kindness.

“If you don’t go to Heaven, call me Nama. You will go to Heaven and we will sit down in the presence of the angels and we will eat together. Your life will never change,” he prayed.

Even in the face of death, Mr. Ibu’s spirit remained undaunted as he managed to crack a joke.

Watch video below: