A 43-year-old landlord, identified as Agya Yaw, has been found dead in his room in a bizarre state and wearing only a t-shirt.

Police sources said a tenant, Edward Attokro, called the charge office to report the incident around 7:30 pm on Wednesday, March 24, 2020.

This was after he found the door to the deceased’s room unlocked. The man was found in a prone position in a pool of dark fluid with houseflies all over the place.

The tenant is said to have led the police team to their compound house at Koforidua Mile-50 where the lifeless body of the man was found.

The body was swollen and decomposed in a red t-shirt without shorts or pant with feaces between the two legs.

During a careful inspection on the body, it was also observed that the tongue and eyes were protruding with his scrotum swollen.


The surrounding of the crime scene was thoroughly searched but no clue was discovered.

The body has since been removed and conveyed to the St Joseph Hospital, Koforidua for preservation pending autopsy.  

Meanwhile, efforts were being made to reach relatives of the deceased.