File photo: Crime

Residents of Mahean in the Ga West Municipality were thrown into a state of shock after a landlord allegedly murdered a tenant.

The suspect, Agyei Boye, who is in the custody of the Amasaman police, allegedly killed Kofi Abu, 31-year-old, after the deceased confronted him for abusing his two-year-old daughter.

Narrating the sad incident to the media, the wife of the deceased said her two-year-old daughter was pushed and stepped on by the landlord for crawling near his door.

She said her husband confronted the landlord for stepping on a toddler which led to a scuffle.

The landlord, who is an ex-footballer, overpowered the tenant and attacked him with a cutlass.

The wife of the deceased screamed for help but to no avail until the landlord succeeded in allegedly killing her husband.


According to her, she pounced on the landlord to stop him from further butchering her husband but unfortunately, the landlord slashed her head with the cutlass.

“The landlord stepped on my two-year-old daughter who was crawling to his doorway. My husband confronted him on why he did that to the toddler and the landlord attacked him haphazardly with the cutlass and slashed every part of his body.

“He later dragged my husband to a nearby kiosk and continued the attacks. I tried to stop him from attacking my husband and he slashed my head with the cutlass. I shouted for help but no one could hear me,” she said.

The Amasaman Police are currently investigating the incident.