Princess Karen

A Nigerian lady, identified as Princess Karen, recently left jaws hanging after she revealed the most stupid thing she has ever done.

According to the lady, she once collected a N15m loan for a boyfriend who later absconded. Explaining further, she revealed she also sold her personal car, her father’s land and all her belongings to help the said boyfriend who later fled.

Miss Karen claims that the incident pushed her into a coma that lasted for six months.

She tweeted: “I collected loan of 15 million for my ex, sold my dad’s land, my personal car and virtually all my belongings…A story I will never forget in my life all bcoz of love. I was in COMA at LUTH for complete six months, in fact I thank God for my life. [SIC]”

Explaining further in series of responses to social media users who expressed disbelief, she revealed she was in love and he had cried out to her for help with a business idea he had about aluminium materials.


“I was in love then because he was the one that got me deflowered. I never knew his intention was deadly. It was a pure foolishness and gullible act but I thank God for my life today. He called me around 4:pm on that day.

“That I should see him, that its urgent, then I left what I was doing, drove straight to his house, then he knelt down and started crying, showed me some business documents related to aluminium materials, crying profusely.

“I have not seen him till date. December 17th will be the last month of the loan… I have evidences not a joke ooo,” she wrote.