Yaa Jackson
Yaa Jackson

“Love me today not when I am lifeless” is the message actress turned musician Yaa Jackson is sending to Ghanaians.

Yaa Jackson has been under series of backlash for her choice of dressing and sexual exposure at just a tender age of 21.

But, she has developed thick skin as fame is the path she wants to tow as she posts more sultry photos on her Instagram platform.

The photo captured her half covered backside in a black wrapper, coupled with a sleeveless top. In other photos, she was rocking a crochet bikini.

As though she knows her post would generate more controversy, the Omo Be Ka composer is pleading with her thousands of followers to accept her as she is.

According to her, she does not need to be bashed today for praises to be heaped on her name after she has departed on earth.

” If I die tomorrow, half of you gonna lie and say we were close and tell people how good I was and all. Love me today not when am lifeless,” she wrote.