Ghanaian actress, Mavis Yeboah popularly known as Maame Gyanwaa from the renowned show “Cow and Chicken,” has opened up about her four-year battle with a severe eye condition.

“If I lose my sight completely, I will search for poisons used for pests and drink them. I cannot live without my eyes,” she confessed.

In an emotional interview with blogger ZionFelix, Maame Gyanwaa recounted her journey with the ailment, which began with misdiagnoses ranging from malaria to glaucoma.

Eventually, doctors identified a blood clot behind her eye, a condition they deemed incurable.

“I have already spent over 11,000 cedis on treatment, but it’s not enough. I have lost all sight in my left eye, and my vision in the right eye is blurry. I experience frequent blackouts in that eye,” she shared.

To seek more affordable treatment, Maame Gyanwaa travels monthly from Accra to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, incurring transportation costs of up to GH₵400 each trip.

Despite offers for treatment abroad, surgery has been ruled out by doctors after reviewing her medical scans.

Tragically, Maame Gyanwaa also lost her son to cancer in 2021, a devastating ordeal that further drained her financial resources, despite support received from the President at the time.

Currently sustaining herself through bead-making, which requires her vision, Maame Gyanwaa expressed despair over her dwindling finances and the lack of acting opportunities.

“I haven’t been called for any acting gigs. I’ve been surviving on my own. I appeal to people to help me in any way they can. I am quickly losing hope,” she said tearfully.

Concerned about the rising costs of medical care amid economic challenges, Maame Gyanwaa pleaded for assistance from her fans and colleagues.

She disclosed the depth of her anguish, revealing thoughts of suicide should she lose her right eye.

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