Kwaisey Pee
Kwaisey Pee

Ace Highlife Musician Kwaisey Pee says he feels very sad about the influx of Nigerian music on our air space.

He made this known after he was asked by Daybreak Hitz show host Andy Dosty on what he makes of the proliferation of Nigerian music on our air spaces in Ghana.

In responding to question, the ‘Monto’ singer said he feels very sad on the recent dominance of Nigerian music on air spaces because Ghanaian music used to be in the lead back then but for now everything has dropped.

He went on to say that he hopes and prays that Ghanaian music finds it feet again only if “we can go back to do what we were good at by tweaking it in a modernized way.

“…I feel very sad because once upon a time we were leading but all of a sudden everything just dropped so it is really sad. But I hope and pray that we change things and if we can go back and then maybe try to do what we were doing but try to modernise it or tweak it a little bit then we can move forward but for now if we stick to what we are doing then it will be very difficult to break the barriers”, he said.