Kwaisey Pee

Highlife artiste Kwaisey Pee has said that musicians in Ghana cannot solely rely on their royalties as their means of income.

He insists that the royalties in Ghana are meagre and that artistes need more funds to support themselves.

“Yes and I’m making money from my music… but not from royalties. I have streams and I have shows. You cannot really rely on it (royalties), especially in Ghana but elsewhere, yes,” Kwaisey Pee said while speaking on GTV’s Breakfast Show.

He added that “I get royalties from other places but in Ghana, it’s nothing to write home about. So if you are here and you say I’m doing music so I’m going to rely on royalties, you’re not going to make it.”

Kwaisey Pee believes that the royalty system in Ghana is to be blamed.

“Rex Omar is the head of GHAMRO and he is doing his best. Sometimes you try to find out and they will be like, ‘there are people who use your music and they don’t want to pay’, you understand.”

“There are FM stations, pubs and drinking spots, restaurants and places, so that is what I’m saying. It’s the system,” he stated.  

Kwaisey Pee noted that many artistes in these times now make money with their music online.

“YouTube, Audiomack, iTunes, Amazon, Boomplay, they are the ones making money now. I mean giving the artistes money now not the royalties,” he said.