Actress and TV host, Sandra Sarfo Ababio has for the first time revealed she is a mother-of-one.

The actress revealed that, she got pregnant at the age of 22 while she was double dating her first boyfriend and a London ‘borga’.

According to her, she was a deviant and loved partying, had multiple piercings and engaged in acts a regular 22-year-old would not indulge in.

Sandra recounted on Delay Show how she was smitten by the about 50-year-old Londoner when they met in her Kwabenya neighborhood and they began dating. Shortly after, she got pregnant and decided to have the child.

“My first boyfriend broke my virginity when I was just 20 and since then, I was a deviant so I was dating my boyfriend when I meet the Londoner. He was a lot older than me. He told me he was a divorcee with two children. It was after my pregnancy that he confessed that he was actually married with 5 children. He told me the truth and added that he could not marry me for that reason”.

Despite the setback, Sandra said the ‘borga’ had a knocking ceremony, moved in with him and they lived together for six years.

She said she cried throughout her pregnancy because she felt she had wasted her life and the man responsible for her pregnancy was not providing emotional support.

Though she fell out of love with her baby daddy, the actress said she learnt to get over it.

However, Sandra said she was sent packing abruptly when her baby daddy’s wife came back to Ghana which prematurely ended their ‘marriage’.

In spite of the split, she said he has been taking care of their daughter and they are co-parenting.

Currently, Sandra Ababio’s daughter is about 15-years-old and she plans on having more children.