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A renowned Ghanaian spiritualist, Nana Abosom Akutre has asserted that ghosts do exist.

He explained that, there are good and bad ghosts.

Nana Akutre explained that, ghosts reveal themselves to individuals in dreams or convey messages through intermediaries.

These occurrences, he stated, are often considered true stories, although some Ghanaians still dispute the existence of ghosts.

Ghosts exist and appear in people’s dreams. The events in the dream may sometimes manifest in reality so ghosts exist. We have both good and bad. There can be situations where a dead woman can visit her children, particularly if the person taking care of them mistreats them,” he told Adom News’ Jagri Boaz.

Nana Akutre also mentioned that, occasionally, people report seeing dead individuals in specific locations, amidst claims they receive lotto numbers or revelations.

His statement followed a viral video on social media purported to be the family of Victoria Dapaah popularly known as Maa Adwoa, the young girl shot by a Police officer in the Ashanti region.

The family members were seen on her grave requesting her ghost to give them lotto numbers to break the family’s poverty curse.

Maadwoa was allegedly shot by her boyfriend, Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, at Adum in the Ashanti Region on April 20, 2023.