Ghanaian spiritualist, Prophet Ernest Ampaw Aboagye, says he has healed more than 85 sicknesses with cow dung in Ghana.

According to the founder and leader of Crown Salvation Church, many don’t know the health benefits that the ‘normal’ cow dung possesses, hence they treat it as manure.

“Witches are afraid of cows. Cows are like palm tress, they have many uses. The horn and bones of the cow are used for medicinal purposes. They can fortify you.

“Even the hooves of the cow can be used to command wealth. In the whole Africa, I am the only one who uses it to heal sickness, even the urine I use it to heal about 85 diseases and there is a way to do it,” he said in an interview on Adom FM‘s Work and Happiness show.

He added that he can cure HIV, Hepatitis and Asthma among many other ailments that has been tagged not curable.

“There is no sickness that I cannot use cow dung to heal. It doesn’t matter if it’s HIV, Cancer, Hepatitis B. Apart from it healing you, we can use it to inquire spiritual matters too,” he told Adom FM’s host OPD.

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