A spiritualist, Nana Dagara, has disclosed that he has 173 dwarfs he uses for his spiritual work as a man who sees beyond the ordinary.

Speaking with YouTuber, Arnold Elavanyo, he mentioned that any spiritual hunter who is well vexed in matters of the spiritual realm can operate with dwarfs physically.

According to him, the role these diminutive mythical beings play are so many while citing that he can sometimes send them to attack people and they will do so physically.

“I have 173 dwarfs, the dwarfs are in the bush. If you are a spiritual hunter, these people can physically meet dwarfs in the bush. They will talk to you live and I talk to them. I talk to my dwarfs and I can speak with my dwarfs in my room and they will come.

“I know the roles they can play for me that is why I say I can fight you spiritually and physically. So when I send them to do my job they will meet you physically and if it is an attack they will attack you physically,” he disclosed.

During the interview, the spiritualist held a snake he called a ‘god’ in his hand. According to him, he uses the snake to protect one’s movement, loved ones and more.

“To protect your life, movement and things one needs protection for, I send the snake. If there is a bad spirit that follows you around, I can send one of my gods(snakes) to come and kill that spirit. It will come both physically and spiritually,” he added.