Market women of Essam-Debiso were left in utmost shock after a pot containing some items believed to be for ritual purposes was discovered.

The pot containing a live snake and a headless vulture was found wrapped with a black cloth and red bandage and hidden in the heart of the market.

Also included were multiple GH¢5.00 notes (GH¢50.00 in total) and a bottle of Schnapp believed to have been used for libation.

The pot concoction was discovered in the early hours of Thursday when the traders went to the market for business.

They suspect it could be a ritual performed by the ‘sakawa’ people.

Others also apportioned blame to other market women, blaming the low market sales as the possible reason for the ritualistic sighting.

Meanwhile, the Kontihene of Sehwi Essam, Nana Yaw Berimah, said that was the second time such rituals have been found in the Essam market.

He disclosed that in the previous occasion, the chiefs performed rites to cleanse the market, adding that same will be done again.

The pot has been broken and it’s content burnt.