Ghanaians on social media are eulogising veteran Highlife musician, Nana Kwame Ampadu.

This comes after he was reported dead in the early hours of Tuesday, September 28. He passed on at age 76.

The musician is known for popular songs such as ‘Oman Bo Adwo’, ‘Mother’, ‘Obra’ and ‘Osaman Bi’, among others.

Nana Ampadu’s Obra, was very popular as it was the theme song for one of the Akan Drama groups aired on national broadcaster, GTV on Sundays.

Since news about the death hit social media, users have been expressing their condolences.

Nana Ampadu is known to have composed over 800 songs and groomed many musicians who have subsequently made immense contributions to the country’s music industry.

Born at Adiemmra at Afram Plains in the Eastern Region, the musician’s breakthrough to stardom during his release of ‘Ebi Te Yie’ back in 1967.