Ace broadcaster, Israel Laryea

Israel Laryea, one of Ghana’s prominent broadcast journalists, has opened up about the challenges he faced during his upbringing.

In an interview on Adom TV’s M’ashayse3 show, he candidly shared his journey.

“I used to walk from Labone to my school at Osu barefooted because my shoes were spoilt. Life was not all rosy while growing up,” Israel recalled, highlighting the difficulties he encountered.

Israel attributed the hardships to his father’s work-related challenges, which placed significant pressure on his mother.

The family’s financial situation became so dire that Israel could only attend secondary school through a scholarship programme. He gratefully acknowledged the opportunity it provided him.

During his younger years, Israel dreamt of becoming a pilot. However, his passion for journalism was ignited by the content he consumed from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

He explained, “Growing up, I wanted to be a pilot, but considering the number of years of school required, I realised I had the potential to be a journalist. I was very proficient in English, and my fascination with the BBC further fueled my aspirations.”

To make ends meet, Israel resorted to distributing bags of sachet water alongside a family member.

It was a challenging period, but he persevered. In 1999, he secured a full-time job as an assistant producer, and after six months, he transitioned into an anchor role for TV3 and later joined Joy FM.

Born in Chorkor, Israel spent his formative years in Kumasi, Labone, and Osu.

Today, he serves as the Executive Head of Influencer Africa, and he takes pride in being a loving husband and a dedicated father to three children.

Reflecting on his journey, Israel Laryea’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing resilience and determination in the face of adversity.


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