Kuami Eugene, KiDi, King Promise, others kicked us out of business in 2018 – Keche

Music group Keche has asked men of God to stop scaring celebrities with death prophecies if they have nothing better to offer them.

“There are so many positive things about us but why don’t the men of God talk about them and rather choose to say only bad things. Do they say those bad things for hype or what?” Keche quizzed when the two appeared on Happy FM last Saturday.

According to the Pressure musicians, they don’t understand why every prophecy has to be negative.

“We would be glad if we hear stuff like Keche will win a global award next month but instead all we hear is Keche will die next month through a car accident. What kind of prophecy is that? The men of God can do better,” they added.                                    

Keche also indicated that their split from former manager George Britton was mutual contrary to reports that they left on a bad note.                            


“We have heard a lot of stories that there was confusion between us and our former manager. We want to state emphatically that we had a mutual understanding.

“As we speak now we are very cool. Everyone has to move on in life and that’s what happened with us. He was very helpful but now we both have moved on,” they said.

Keche was at Happy FM to promote their latest single ‘No Dulling’ featuring Kuami Eugene.           

They said ‘No Dulling’ is making waves since its release a little over a week ago thanks to the fans who keep supporting good work.

“Ever since we came into the music industry the love has been massive and we thank our fans. We really appreciate the great support and the positive feedback, it helps us to better our music,” they added.