A Commissioner for Health in Kogi, Saka Audu, broke down in tears on Wednesday, October 28 while inspecting the damage done by looters and arsonists to a top medical facility in the north-central state.

Channels Television reports that an emotional Mr Audu told journalists that equipment worth billions of Naira were destroyed by the marauders.

Mr Audu reported that some of the equipment destroyed included Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines (MRI), Computer Tomography Machines, Digital Mammography and Digital Radiography.

He said: “Equipment worth billions of naira were stolen. Those that couldn’t be stolen, like the walk-in refrigerator for immunisation, where our vaccines are stored, components of our MRI and CT scan were vandalised beyond repair. Others were moved from the store and broke into pieces in nearby bushes.”


The Commissioner could not hold back the tears over the looting and vandalisation of the medical facility.

Watch video below: