Renowned filmmaker, Nkosuohene, has described the current crop of filmmakers as lazy, for failing to prioritize their crafts.

According to him, present-day Ghollywood acts are only focused on the fame, rather than the quality and skillful executions of their characters.

Things get better with time, but making a relative comparison, the filmmaker, known in private life as Francis Frempong-Manson, has claimed that is not the case for the creative arts sector.

He recounted the days when actors were eager to travel far and wide to shoot scenes; and sometimes sponsor the activities on set, as he is convinced that the zeal and passion of his colleagues have died off.

“Currently, aside from money, there is fame, technology, and video editing: even now, slaps do not land directly on actors’ faces because screenplay is present. However, the actors are just not pulling their weights to make interesting movies,” he said on Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra.

All the same, Nkosuohene thanked the Ghollywood stars for keeping the fire burning and contributing their quota to revive the ailing industry.