Veteran actor, who echoed his position in the Ghollywood industry by starring in the famous Beast of No Nation, has shared an intriguing story of how he landed the major role.

Popularly known as Uncle Albert, Jackson Davies, disclosed that his role had no involvement with ‘connection’, rather he took advantage of an audition after it was announced.

He said that it took him five appearances, with two weeks interval, to get a nod to be one of the actors, and worked with the likes of his old colleagues David Dontor and Grace Nortey.

As part of the preparation for the film, he said he was provided with a fully airconditioned bus from Accra Mall to Koforidua, and upon arrival, he was ushered straight to his hotel room.

Uncle Albert elicited nostalgia for the 2015 American-Ghanaian war drama film when he recounted on Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra how production of the movie was a jolly ride for him.

He recounted how he was provided with three shirts for each scene; one for blood splash as his character was to be shot and injured, another for accidental mud stains and one more as extra.


Uncle Albert executed his role diligently as he is talented, having been exposed to more difficult tasks in the creative arts industry.

Speaking on his challenging, yet resourceful movie role, Uncle Albert made mention of a time he was to take up the character of a lunatic.

He disclosed he had to roam at Accra Psychiatric Hospital for three days, in a bid to observe the character pattern of three patients; two men and a woman.

“It was hard, but looking back now I can say it paid off, so it’s great,” he remarked with a wide smile on his face.