Being unfamiliar with the name Henry Hardon could be pardonable, but it would be a matter of amazement for movie lovers not to know Pattington Papa Nii Papafio.

Papa Nii became a household name, together with four others, for carrying the popular 1998 sitcom ‘Taxi Driver’ on their shoulders.

Taxi driver was a comedy TV series which portrayed the daily encounter and activities of taxi drivers and some hardcore passengers who together gave some interesting and good laughter during those days.

A particular scene will forever be embedded in the minds of fans; the right moment Papa Nii ‘rapped’ his friend TT for some “500 for something small to chop”.

As the flashback played on Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra show, a look of refreshment was evident on Papa Nii’s face as he exclaims that he remembers it like yesterday.

Explaining why that scene is pivotal to the success of the movie, Papa Nii told host Sister Sandy the reason is simple; his free flow of words and appropriate use of jargons excited the audience.

He learnt the jargons after he took the pain of joining some bus conductors to work, a move that was outside his movie script and was on the blind side of his producers.

After his first scene, he said the movie producers were impressed with his efforts and had to maintain his slot.

“My role was supposed to be a passing role but I executed it well and it became permanent. Initially, I was supposed to be an ordinary book man and I rose to station master and station MP who was handling all the affairs of the drivers,” he recounted.

Though the remuneration was not encouraging, Pattington Papa Nii Papafio said he has no regrets as, aside the fame, he also made some genuine friends.

Watch video below for Papa Nii’s interview on Ahosepe Xtra: