American artiste Chance The Rapper is once again showing love to Ghana.

During his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the rapper performed his 2022 hit single ‘Yah Know’.

In the song, he talks about freedom and advocates for black liberation and educates all listeners about black history across multiple countries.

“Money in one big pile, blueprints in an unzipped file. Akwaaba, medaase, that’s the end of my speech. Tell ’em, “Spread the word from Osu to Kumasi”, this for Dr. Kwame, Selassie and Nnamdi.”

“Tell ’em, “Free the youth or we gon’ free the army”, pray no man can harm me, can’t no man can harm me, I can’t let you starve me, I can’t go out like Gandhi. Bet, say less, bro, we on the way,” he raps.

Midway through Chance The Rapper’s performance, the screen behind him displayed the colours of the Ghana flag.

Sharing his performance on Instagram, the rapper wrote “YAH Know .”

Watch the performance below: