Budding artiste, Bosom Pyung, has rendered an unqualified apology to his fans and colleague Lord Paper for ordering his attack.

Bosom Pyung and some alleged thugs launched an attack on Lord Paper at a restaurant bar where he had gone to promote his latest song.

While at the premises, the men verbally assaulted Lord Paper before throwing punches, two of which landed on his chest.

The reason being that Lord removed a verse Bosom recorded for his song without giving him a heads-up and replacing him with Mr Drew.

Giving his side of the story in an interview, Lord Paper defended that Bosom failed to show up for the recording of the song, and as he was on a deadline, he decided to recruit another artiste who was ready to record.

The explanation rather touched Bosom Pyung’s nerves, as he took to social media to subtly ‘diss’ Lord Paper and Rastafarians in general – as Lord wears dreadlocks.

Weeks after the ruckus, Bosom has apologised for targetting Rastafarians.


Rendering his apology on Adom TV‘s platform during the Ahosepe Xtra show, Bosom admitted his actions were rather harsh and from a place of illogical thinking.

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He admitted that he should have involved some key stakeholders to intervene in the matter.

He added that he has regretted his action.