Singer Becca has taken time to digest issues concerning her latest ‘No One’ song that she released to amuse her fans.

Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santana, the songstress said she couldn’t comprehend critics lambasting her amid claims that she sampled South African Sho Madjozi’s John Cena song.

Meanwhile, comparing Becca’s ‘No One’ to Sho Madjozi’s ‘John Cena’, it’s obvious that there are similarities between the two songs and since ‘John Cena’ dropped first, most people concluded that Becca had sampled the song.

But reacting to this, the ‘African Woman’ singer said people didn’t even know the relationship she had with Sho Madjozi yet they went ahead to blast her.

According to her, the reason people think she stole the song was because she was doing a different kind of music genre called the Gqom, an electronic dance music that emerged in the early 2010s from Durban, South Africa.


“So Madjozi owns the song and she hasn’t come out to say anything? In this virtual world? its been three months since I released the song and people don’t even know the relationship I have with her.

“There are different genres of music. In South Africa, there are many beats there. I chose to do Gqom beats. If you listen to the two songs, they all sound alike. If we play 10 Gqom beats, you will be wondering if they are all the same song,” she said on Okay FM.

She disclosed that when people were bashing her in Ghana, the song was trending at number two in South Africa.

Asked why she didn’t come out to address critics earlier, she said: “If there was the need for me to educate, they could have let me. There were too many enemies pushing the agenda. God has ways of doing it; the melodies and beats may sound alike just like the way shirts can look similar.”