Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Upper West Akim, Derrick Ohene Bekoe, has urged those in charge of Urban Roads and the Road Safety Commission to do their best to fix traffic light issues on the road.

According to him, the situation becomes “more chaotic when police personnel are not around to direct the traffic.”

Speaking on Adom FM‘s morning show Dwaso Nsem, he said that faulty traffic lights add up to traffic situation.


“If we have traffic lights working, they help in the movements of cars and reduce traffic on the road.

“It is worrying at places where there are faulty traffic lights, especially, if you get to a t-junction and the traffic light is not working, it is chaotic because no one is guided by a traffic light.

“The National Road Safety Commission and those in charge of urban roads should be quick to solve these traffic problems considering the season we are in now,” he said.