Trigmatic at Hitz FM studio

Ghanaian musician Trigmatic has charged managers to be bold and put their artistes in their place when they misbehave.

According to Trigmatic, most artiste managers are not able to pinpoint the wrongdoings of their artistes for fear of being fired.

“An artiste manager, without fear or favour, should be able to face their artiste if they see something wrong with them. For instance, the manager should be able to say no to which kind of girlfriend the artiste goes in for if it will not help business.

“Some artistes are very emotional and if they have frequent breakups, it means their music will be affected. Managers of such artistes should be able to tell them their choice of partners will not help them.
“Again the way an artiste answers questions when he or she is being pushed to the wall on live radio should be a prime concern to the manager,” he told Graphic Showbiz.


Trigmatic added that there should not be familiarity between the artiste and the manager. “Whenever there is familiarity between the artiste and the manager work does not go on well. The artiste refuses to listen to the manager if there is familiarity.

“The artiste can decide to ignore instructions from the manager so the two have to be professional at what they do. Inasmuch as I respect my manager, there is a limit,” he explained.

Away from that, Trigmatic encouraged musicians not to let their low moments push them out of business. “The likes of Dr Dre, Jay Z and Kanye West are into other businesses and that is what I encourage my fellow musicians to do.

“When you are no longer relevant, you need to move to other areas and make the money. I am into farming and doing music at the same time so if music is not working then the farming takes care of family,” he said.

Known for songs such as My Life, Sika, Gye Nyame, Gbedu, My Jolly, Motromodwo and Where We Dey Go, Trigmatic said he was readying to release his new EP by the end of the year.