Musician Becca has received backlash over comments she made about Africans in a recent post following the murder of African-American, George Floyd.

The whole world has been united in seeking justice for Floyd’s murder with the four Minneapolis police officials being charged.

This advocacy, according to Becca is hypocritical on the part of Africans who criticize their fellow Africans for marrying other people outside their religion or country.

Below is Becca’s tweet:

The post has since seen some responses from many people including actress Ama K Abebrese who said it was wrong to compare the fight for systemic racism in the United States to tribalism and marriage.

She, however explained that both acts are wrong in society but she would rather appreciate it if Becca highlighted her point without doing a comparison of the fights about police brutality.

Ama’s comment immediately generated a lot of rumours, causing her to clear the air on her relationship with Becca.

She explained that it was wrong for anyone to think there was bad blood between herself and Becca, as she only voiced out her disagreement with the comparison.