The real game of the second edition of Adom TV’s Adepam has commenced and the contestants have exhibited their readiness in the most talented way.

Following the task of the week, the 12 contestants combined creativity and elegance to produce mind-blowing corporate wears.

The contestants went beyond the usual already made garments and suit outfits to make good use of locally produced fabrics to cut out their styles.

The most appreciated style for the night went to contestant Emma who sew corset top accessorised with white lace for the shoulders and low-slit pencil skirt to match.

The perfect bend of the white lace outlines and the ash fabric is all he needed for judges Sikapa and Madam Seiwaa to call for three rounds of applauses for him.

Ahmed, who explained his choice of outfit was for a CEO of a fashion house, produced a white shirt with blue pinafore and extra suit for coverup.

He also included a detachable tight guiders design to the bottom of the skirt.

It was judge Sikapa’s judgement that there was more room for improvement which he hoped to see as the competition progresses.

Philip took inspiration from top designers to sew a two-toned black dress with a unique design to the left shoulder.

At the back, he punched some eyelets for his corset lacing, bringing some definition to the style.

Judge Sikapa applauded him for rendering the dress well to suit the stature of the model. He also mentioned the style idea was a good one.

Richie proved that the combination of black and red is not only suitable for funerals as he made a beautiful flur dress for his model.

The outfit is the combination of a suit for the body, a flopping fish design long sleeves.

Judge Seiwaa commented on the beauty of the overall work, but she pointed out that the shoulder area was gaping. That notwithstanding, she called for applause for Richie.

For a contestant who says fashion designing is his divine calling, it was not surprising KBaw ‘killed’ the look for the corporate theme.

He made an ash fitting dress, which has a black design on one side of the hip to knee section.

To the judges, the creativity was good but there was a minimal shaping technique.

Onyameous went the masculine way with an army green political dress with non exaggerative design to the front area.

He complemented the style with a detachable pocket that also serves as a pouch.

Though the judges found creativity in his style, they raised concerns over the folding and improper layout of the shoulder.

Contestant Patrick put his skills to the test to produce a white shirt, blue trousers with matching vests for his well-built model.

Unlike the regular full vests, Patrick made his bare back, which is fastened by a single lace.

Judge Sikapa applauded him for the unique idea, but he was quick to caution him on sewing to fit the measurement of clients or models.

Vidash, a designer with four years experience, made a corset-like two piece dress with a flowery blue fabric and a blue plain design.

She complemented her outfit with a matching bag made from the flowery fabric.

Creativity was on point, but the dress was too skimpy; this is according to Judge Seiwaa.

Grace made a shirt-like kaba and slit outfit using a blend of plain fabric and colourful African print material.

The judges remarked that that went a little below the theme but overall, her design and stitching were impressive

Cheers were roaring for Dzifa when her male model stepped unto the runway wearing two-piece trousers and vest.

The creativity in her design was from the slanted pockets on the vest.

The judges encouraged her to continue defying the norm, while paying attention to details and proper measurement.

Gabby produced a yellow dress made from cotton fabric and a long blue overcoat.

His design fit perfectly well into the corporate theme for the night and the judge complimented him for that.

However, Judge Sikapa struggled to find the creativity in the fabric.

Portia unleased some creativity with a suit and pencil skirt which rightfully exposed the curves of her model.

She matched the piece with a black inner

The judges believe though creative, her style was nothing out of the ordinary.