Filed photo: A corpse

A light-heavyweight boxer, identified as Miracle, has passed on after he slumped during a training match in Festac, Lagos.

A source, who witnessed the incident, said: “They were both training when Miracle’s opponent gave him a solid blow that knocked him out.”

Miracle is said to have lost consciousness for some minutes and all efforts to rescucitate him proved futile.

He was subsequently rushed to the hospital where he gave up the ghost.

Another source confirming the incident said: “Miracle lost consciousness after two knockdowns during a sparring session yesterday morning. He was given first aid treatment before being rushed to the hospital for full treatment. Unfortunately, he gave up the ghost at the hospital yesterday evening.”

A video in circulation captured the moment water was being sprinkled on him, while some agitated observers looked on.

Reports have it that he was set to travel to the United Kingdom for an upcoming bout prior to his demise.