The man isn't sure whether to tell his friend's partner (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
The man isn't sure whether to tell his friend's partner (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

When it comes to relationships, trust can be so hard to win back after it has been lost – and without trust, your partnership is likely to crumble.

One woman claims to have recently found her marriage on the rocks after discovering her partner had gone behind her back to take a paternity test as he wasn’t convinced he was their daughter’s true father.

The test results came back negative, shattering his trust in his wife as he accused her of cheating.

However, the unnamed wife is adamant she has never been unfaithful to him and he is the only possible father of the five-year-old girl.

Taking DNA swab for paternity test.
The paternity test came back negative (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

The mum revealed all in a jaw-dropping Reddit post that has gone viral – being read out on TikTok and YouTube.

Writing on Reddit’s Relationships forum, she said: “My husband got a paternity test on our daughter and it came back negative, but I never cheated. Now he thinks our relationship is a lie and wants to divorce.

“I don’t know how it happened and I haven’t been able to stop crying all day. I never cheated. I love my husband, we’ve been together since college and he’s the love of my life, he’s handsome and kind and while I’ve slept with two other people, both were before we got together. There is no other potential father for our daughter. We were married already and actively trying for a baby.

“I never cheated, I never would cheat, and I don’t know why he took that stupid test because I would never, ever cheat, but it came back negative and now he thinks he’s not her dad. I don’t know how to convince him it was a faulty test and I’m so scared.”

The woman goes on to say that her partner had been acting differently over the last few months and was accusing her of infidelity – so she decided to try and prove her innocence by doing her own tests and this is where things get stranger.

In an update to the post, she continued: “We did a few tests. Blood paternity tests for him and me, and our daughter, and we had an appointment with a chimerism specialist coming up, but that got cancelled because, well, some of you guessed it, but my daughter is not biologically mine either.

“I don’t know how this happened, but a police officer came to our house and took our statements, and we’re suing the hospital where I gave birth. I don’t know what happened to my baby, and that is terrifying. I have my husband back, but my whole world was still upended, and I just wish he’d never taken that stupid test.

“I’ve been sleeping in my daughter’s room, and I’m so afraid that she’s going to be taken away from me, but at the same time I want to know where my biological daughter is, and if she’s okay. I pray to God she’s okay.”

People who read the post simply couldn’t believe it, with one saying: “I thought he was looking to leave her and he lied about the test.”