Juliet Ibrahim

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has revealed she has already messed up in 2020 after breaking her new year resolution.

Juliet Ibrahim disclosed this in an instagram post.

Ooops, I’ve f**ked up already 2021 will definitely be my year for sure. Please ask me what I have done…. #2020 #2021 I CAN’T KEE MYSELF OOO, the actress posted.

The post of the actress gained a lot of attention as her followers wanted to know what exactly constituted her so called mess up.


In her reply to people asking for clarity, she said I appreciate everyone for showing concern yesterday. So, here’s what happened in 2020 already.

I planned that I would quit drinking Champagne for my New Year’s resolution but I remembered that nobody likes a quitter. #2021  I’ll do better for sure.

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