Outspoken radio personality, Mr. Logic, says socialite and sexual health consultant, Abena Korkor, is not who she claims to be.

This comes after she recently accused some A-list celebs of sleeping with her, alleging that one of them is bad at his sex game.

In a conversation with Kofi Hayford on Matter Dey on Hitz FM, Mr. Logic said, “I dey dare Abena Korkor today, I am daring her to come out. If she can prove me wrong I will pay any fine, even if it has to do with selling all my belongings,” he vowed.

Few days after Abena Korkor’s accusations went viral on social media, she quickly made a U-turn to apologize to the singer, among many others, who have had their image and reputation publicly tarnished by her.

“I render a general apology to all men and women whose image I have tarnished by dragging our private business to the limelight. I will not attribute all my actions to bipolar disorder. I am seriously dealing with some mistakes I made in the past and my childhood trauma,” she posted on Twitter on Friday, 18th March.

This, according to Mr. Logic, is one of the tools she employs to attract sympathy and enjoys the atmosphere of hysteria it creates on social media.

Although she has made herself widely known on social media for being a Mental Health Ambassador, Sexual Health Consultant, who suffers from bipolar, the opinionated radio personality believes that it is all a façade.

“Abena Korkor is not a Mental Health Advocate. Okay, maybe you can say she is. But ‘ein mind dey’. If your ‘mind dey’, you cannot advocate for mental health. Unless you are someone who has suffered some sort of mental illness and recovered successfully,” said the controversial radio personality.

“Abena Korkor dey use ein mind give Ghanaians. I am telling her today that, she is using her mind for the people. Ein mind dey. You see the word ‘bipolar’, don’t even use the word to acknowledge her. She is 100% normal,” he added.

He opined that Abena Korkor has devised a strategy to psychologically keep herself in business after identifying that her “I don’t care” attitude is yielding some ‘positive’ results.

“These are all methods. See, you don’t accuse people and then come back to apologize. She has realized that the whole country is enjoying the drama of mentioning people’s names, the frenzy it attracts, [Hey, Abena Korkor ein list come oo], my brother, Abena Korkor ein mind dey,” he declared.

Furthermore, Mr. Logic suggested that the self-acclaimed Mental Health Advocate occasionally grows weary of her periodic outburst on social media, and often puzzled on when to completely stop, or get on with mentioning names of people she had allegedly slept with.

“She is frustrated because she has already initiated that life. It is hard for her to come out. She doesn’t know how to stop, and when to continue. She takes a break and then comes back again. She is not mad,” he observed.