Kurt Cobain | Image via Getty/Frank Micelotta Archive

Following in the footsteps of his guitar and cardigan, strands of fallen musician Kurt Cobain’s hair were auctioned off.

The winning bidder went home with six hairs and all they had to do was part with $14,145 to do so.

The strands are preserved in plastic. The auction house who put them up for sale, Iconic Auctions, says the longest one is two-and-a-half inches.

Providing further backstory, the hair comes from an October 1989 cut that Kurt got while he and the rest of Nirvana were on the “Bleach” tour. 

Photo: iconicauctions.com
Photo: iconicauctions.com


Also packaged with the hair were pictures of the haircut that show Cobain with friend Tessa Osbourne, who also doubles as the person who chopped his hair on that day.

The said haircut happened in Birmingham, England.

Tessa kept the hair in a bag and then gave it to Seattle artist Nicole DePolo following Cobain’s death.

From there the locks exchanged hands again, going to John Reznikoff, a.k.a. the Guinness world record holder for “largest collection of historic hair”.

It hit auction earlier in May. The hair is said to be the only pieces of Cobain’s that were out there for sale.