Ras Kuuku

Dancehall and Reggae musician, Ras Kuuku, says he never combs his hair.

Speaking in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the Rastafarian said there was no need for him to keep his hair in check.

He explained that, he baths twice a day and that includes him taking time to clean the hair.

According to him, he doesn’t have special treatment to either lock or perm his long hair because he is a natural man.

I don’t comb my hair. I leave them to grow. I just bath and clean my hair that’s all.

When Andy Dosty said his hair would have an awful smell if he continues to leave it unkept, Ras Kuuku debunked his assertion, saying: “I don’t smell any odour. I bath twice a day.”

He further addressed Andy Dosty, saying, “even there are bald men who have smelly heads. Its not about the hair.”