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The love of sexual gratification has got women doing the most and so is the case of a Nigerian woman who narrowly escaped death after using a malfunctioned sex toy.

The woman recounted how her private part almost caught fire after she used a vibrator bought from an online vendor.

The toy, she revealed, she uses on the lowest setting because of its loudness and intense vibration which makes her sometimes unable to hold.

However, obeying her heightened passion, she set the vibrator to the highest setting, a decision she regretted too soon.

Moments into her enjoyment, the Nigerian lady revealed the vibrator started producing heat, followed by smell of a burning object.


The next thing she knew, her private part was on fire from the melting toy, forcing her to fling into the bathroom for solace.

Her fear of dying from a sexually-related activity was almost quashed as she revealed her life flashed before her eyes.

Below is her narration: