Archbishop Duncan Williams and his son, Dee Wills
Archbishop Duncan-Williams and his son, Dee Wills

It has emerged that police in the United States of America (USA) have picked up Daniel Duncan- Williams, son of Ghanaian Archbishop, Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

Following his social media outburst on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, reports indicate he had been picked up for mental evaluation.

A video, sighted on Instagram, captured moments the police went to his home to pick him up during a live interactive session.


Expressing his fears upon sighting the officers, he questioned whether he was being arrested or not, as many viewers requested he kept the video on for them to know if he was safe but the screen went blank as he was being whisked away.

Meanwhile, his father, Archbishop Duncan-Williams, reacting to the incident, said his son is suffering from a serious illness.

According to him, though he had undergone the very best medical interventions, treatments and hospitalisations, he experiences relapse when he refuses to take his prescribed medications.

Watch the video below: