Duncan Williams's son posts his nude videos online
Duncan Williams's son posts his nude videos on social media

Social media users are reacting to nude videos of the son of Archbishop Duncan Williams making rounds on social media.

Dee Wills, as he is popularly called, posted the nude videos himself on his Twitter timeline without fear or apologies to his father who is the Archbishop of Action Chapel International, a Charismatic Christian church based in Accra.

One of the videos featured two girls who were naked in a pool with him having sex. He captioned it: Timeline asleep?

In another video, he was seen naked with his manhood showing visibly where he turned around to twerk to the extent of touching his backside.


Moments after the videos went viral, Dee Wills went live on Twitter to explain his actions. He claimed that his respected father sacked him from home at a young age because he smoked cigarette.

He went ahead to say that his dad promised him something big on his 20th birthday prior to the 2016 elections but it never happened.