The son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Daniel Duncan-Williams, has started promoting his songs days after videos of him went viral.

Taking to his Instagram page to address his fans and again push his songs, he said:

Link in bio. I’m glad everyone enjoyed all the laughs today but I’m really just a businessman about my music, family, loved ones and money.

God bless you all but the time for jokes is over. God is changing my life, and its about to happen before your very eyes [SIC].


Known by his stage name Dee Wills, he has since released two hip-hop music videos on his music channel dubbed Go Silly and Signs.

In his recent live video where he opened up on why he isn’t cool with his dad, Dee Wills made it clearer he will be going all out in the music sphere soon.

Check them out below:

Checkout how some Ghanaians reacted to him sharing links to his music videos days after his nude videos went viral: