Son of Archbishop of Action Chapel International, Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has finally come out to address nude videos of him having sexual affairs with multiple women on social media.

According to Dee Wills, moments after he posted the video on his Twitter account, he had to block all the girls who were captured with him so they have no chance to bug him.

In a two-hour video, the budding rapper, addressing his followers on a live feed on video streaming service, Periscope, said he didn’t care about his videos circulating because he is set to drop a freestyle after everything goes down.

Disclosing why he is no longer close to his dad, he made mention of the Archbishop promising to surprise him on his 20th birthday but it never saw the light of the day.


Climaxing the video, Dee Wills said he is 10 times better and richer than his dad and its only a matter of time that he attains the limelight.