Adam Bonaa,

My Name is Adam Bonaa and I am a concerned CITIZEN of Ghana.

Are we in a Banana Republic? Which law says one can be pronounced guilty before he or she appears in Court? Must National Security Agents video Prophet Kwabena Owusu Agyei in the manner they did? Is Ghana no longer a rule of Law country? What the suspect said is wrong but that cannot warrant this disrespect to rule of law by the arresting officers.

I have 10 Questions for National Security and the security fraternity in Ghana, which is headed by the President as the Chair of the National Security Council.

1. Why was the suspect not given the Warrant to verify and authenticate if its signed by a court, which court, date, name of Judge etc. which issued it?

2. Why were his rights not spelt out clearly to him and asked to remain silent or whatever he says could be used against him?

3. Why was he not searched at the scene of arrest?

4. Why was a relation of his not informed where they were taking him?

5. Are the NS agents aware suspect is not guilty till a court says so?

6. Could the NS officers have planted the Nacortics on him?

7. Why video him posing with some herbs suspected to be Nacortics and publish it? Which law permits NS agents to humiliate suspects this way?

8. How did the NS agents know it was Nacortics?

9. Which Lab tested the substance the suspect is holding and confirmed it was Nacortics?

10. Shouldn’t the NS agents in the said video be rather detained for planting Nacortics on the suspect?

I am only asking questions, this could happen to anyone and this should not be happening under the leadership of human right lawyer President. I do not want to be a SPECTATOR; I want to be a CITIZEN as H.E. the President Nana Akufo-Addo once proclaimed.

Thank you.

Mr Bonaa is a security and safety expert with more than 20 years of experience in counter terrorism, defence and intelligence, international relations expert, designing and implementing security and safety solutions for private customers as well as the government domestically and abroad.