Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) has broken his long silence on the circumstances leading to his divorce.

He said, he married consciously but he did not know anything about the making up of marriage.

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Archbishop Duncan-Williams stated that at age 24, he was asked to marry in other not to fall into the trap of sin.

The man of God got married to Rosa Whitaker some nine years ago after he divorced his previous wife, Mama Francisca after 26 years.

Rosa Whitaker is described as a woman with a solid educational background. She is the president and CEO of The Whitaker Group (TWG) and is recognised as a leading expert on African trade, investment and business.

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However, speaking at the International Youth Empowerment Summit in Accra, the CAFM Founder indicated that marriage is not for boys because boys do not marry and that he was a boy in his first marriage.

Buttressing his stance with a scripture, the man of God said: “for this reason, a man shall live his father and the mother and joined his wife”, not a boy shall leave the father and mother and join his girl, he stressed.

He was emphatic that a mature man is a man who truly qualifies to be called a married man, insisting that a married man is a mature man and a mature man is one who is well developed mentally, economically, spiritually, physically, psychologically and emotionally strong.

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According to the CAFM General Overseer, a man is truly the one who understands and takes responsibilities, takes full charge and control them without any external power while a mature man is always focused and decisive.

He contended that men marry for a tangible purpose but boys and most of young men of today marry because of sexual satisfaction and lust of human flesh.

Archbishop Duncan–Williams noted that for one to be fully matured in marriage, it does not matter his or her success in life, level of education, gifting’s, talents, anointed, abilities and capabilities.


  1. Let Pastors teach the Congregants the right thing. A man is matured when he has found histruth (gifts), like in ( Genesis 2:15), and applies the right attitudes to manage it. Then can we say he is ready for a woman . Because it takes your gifts to find your work. When a man is Jobbing his foundation is highly vulnerable , like we experienced on the Corporate Ladder with defunct banks.

    Paul said when he was a child he spoke like a child , so there is a time we know that the learning curve has a starting point.

    What causes divorce in marriages is when both the man and woman have two Visions Apart and Not boyishness. The working(gift) concept premises on the Vision of the man and the woman comes to help the Vision grow, Joel 2:28 calls the woman a Prophetess who reminds the mind of his vision while the thrive on.

    A man has no right to divorce his wife after such number of years because she has now fused into the Vision, and helped to make it grow , the new wife knows nothing about the Vision of the Man , this is why the Nation Ghana is where we are because even smaller Governments like marriages cannot be managed , how can you be allowed to Advice leaders or Governments , what do you know that you could not apply . Marriage is a smaller Government 1Tim 3:1….

    No one who has not.managed his home well.must be allowed to lead in Government.

    The other thing is that , a man always walks into marriage with filth sowed into him by the cunning entry of the lifestyle in our environments ,likewise a woman. That is what is called Character which is learned through our systems on earth also called Culture.

    God does not want us to marry Character(faults) because everyone has faults , he wants us to marry the Male and Female Factor because that is the original nature of the Adamah(humusman), without faults ( Matt. 19) .

    Marriages like these does not advice nor paint the right bequeaths to us the youth . Lets learn it the right way cos a lot of Men of God are throwing dust into our eyes.

    Lord help us go back for the original truth .

    A.boy is man’s own description of who a young man is. But the Bible says we should marry in our youthful ages and enjoy , God did not say leave your wife and marry when you are 50yrs and now realize a rich unmarried woman .

    Charismatism is Dangerous for the Contemporary age believer. Let go back for the Kingdom of God. The right Mandate for our very being. Jesus never taught Charismatism nor Catholicism. He spoke Kingdom .

  2. Bbb, did you read the article at all? Why are some people so myopic? Unless you were there to listen to the seminar but with regards to this mews article, you have wrongly treated the issue in contention.

  3. I respect him a lot ,but am always confuse about his marriage life .There are problems in marriages alright but he should have used his marriage life as an example to us as a man of God . If he says marriage is for men ,then i say he is a man now so he should go for the first wife that is what scripture teaches us all christian

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