Mr Drew

Talented dancer and singer, Mr Drew has stated he will save his girlfriend over his manager any day should the two be caught up in any life-threatening situation.

He made this declaration when he was featured on the Celebrity Truth or Dare segment on ShowBiz Now.

Mr Drew who has been recently accused of song theft was responding to a question on who he is likely to save if his girlfriend and manager were caught up in a fire outbreak.


He answered without mincing words that he will go for the girlfriend.

Asked about his reason, the singer said he will save the girlfriend because he believes she will take care of him.

He went on to give shout outs to his manager who was in the studio at the time of the show and apologized for selling him out.

He went on to say he won’t save the manager because what’s between them is strictly business but if his girlfriend leaves him, he will surely link up with his manager for another business.

Mr Drew is currently promoting his new song titled ‘Later’ after the ‘Eat’ song which happens to be a cover of Rotimi was taken down by Rotimi’s management over copyright infringements.