Bill Asamoah
Bill Asamoah

Actor Bill Asamoah has urged government to release 2 million dollar funding to kick-start streaming service for the Ghana movie industry.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the actor said there is a Film Producers Association out there making enquiries and speaking to banks and investors, to get support for the creation of a streaming service.

“There is a Film Producers Association out there who are equally looking for investors and have put their business plan out there, so if government should probably help out with a 2 million dollar funding we can get this thing done in no time.” 

In a previous interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A–Z, he said that “we can’t rely on Netflix. Ghana should own a streaming network by now.”

His comments came after movie director and producer, Emmanuel Sarpong, said his movie, ‘Galamsey: Enemies Are Not God’ has been accepted by Netflix. He added that one of the major problems in the Ghanaian movie industry is marketing and advertising their products.

“Imagine if we have a Ghanaian app like that, and having at least 2 million subscribers subscribing on to it, how is it going to be like and what is the revenue going to come out of all this look like? That is where I was looking at, because part of our problems is marketing and distributing that is one of the major problems we face as industry”.

He also mentioned the movie industry needs to make the Ghanaian government understand that filming is what that can help sell Ghana.

“We need government to understand that filming is one of the things that can help sell Ghana instead of the things like this expo and all that we are doing. Because we have got movies out there that is selling Ghana and telling everybody in the world how peaceful Ghana is and this how convenient doing business in Ghana is, I think that would be very easy and it would be an avenue where we would not have to be wasting so much money on,” he said.

He spoke about the promise made by the government to give money to the NFA which they still haven’t received and promising to give funds to the Ghana Tourism Authority which has also not be done.