Final year students of the Ghana School of Hygiene (GSH) on Tuesday picketed the Ministry of Sanitation and Water resources to demand unpaid allowances.

This comes after the students boycotted their final examination which was set to take place on Monday, July 20.

To register their displeasure in over three years of unpaid allowances, the GSH wings in Tamale and Ho joined colleagues at Korle-Bu, Accra to demonstrate.

Clad in their uniforms, they had red bands on their head and hands, they vowed they were not vacating the premises until they received their allowances.

The angry students wielded placards with inscriptions such as ‘No long talks’, ‘We need our Money’ among others as they chant songs.


“President Akufo-Addo assured us he was going to pay the allowances in 2017 but that is yet to see the light of day and all attempts to engage the sector minister have proved futile,” leader of the group lamented.

He added: “To prove we are serious about this, we brought our mattresses and buckets here and we are going to stay till we get the financial clearance.”

He stressed they no longer trust the sector minister regarding promises of payment since that has cost most of their colleagues their education.

“Most of our colleagues had to drop out because they could not fund their education due to the unpaid allowances and others owe school fees worth GHS 5,000.”

Watch the video attached above: