Daniel Domelevo, Auditor-General

The Chairman of the Audit Service Board, Dr Edward Duah Agyemang, has justified the changing of locks to the Auditor-General’s office following his leave.

Mr Agyemang explained the locks were changed to safeguard the safety of the office while he is away.

The Auditor-General was surprised when he passed by the office to pick some documents only to realise that the locks to his office have been changed.

Mr Domelevo said he couldn’t enter his office on Tuesday afternoon because locks have been changed by the acting Auditor-General on the Board’s instruction.

He said when he checked with the Board they did not confirm or deny giving such an instruction.


However, speaking in an interview on Accra-based radio station, Dr Agyemang said they were not sure who else had his old keys, hence the decision.

“When Mr Domelevo left on the 1st of July, the Board felt there was the need to secure his office so the locks were changed and the keys were left where they belong,” he said.

He further lashed out at Mr Domelovo for always running to the media: “What’s this with Mr Domelevo always running to the media, is he a baby? We are fed up with Domelevo. He can go wherever he wants to.”

This comes after President Nana Akufo-Addo on June 29, 2020, ordered Mr Domelevo to take his accumulated leave.

The vociferous Auditor-General was to take an initial leave of 123 days effective July 1 but it was later extended to 167 days to include 2020 leave days.